Wearable Strength Solutions for Everyone @Work and @Play

Perfectore Corp leads the way as the premiere creators in elastic resistance wearable strength devices and accessories.  Devices designed to instantly transform, support and strengthen the body during regular activities of daily living, rehabilitation, exercise or sport. Partnering with leading American manufacturers to bring you high quality, effective and durable Made in the USA products.

Wearable Strength Gear

Wearable Elastic Resistance offers effective solutions for support and strength building @work, @home and @play

Patented Design Technology

We specialize in providing a unique approach to wearable devices. Our patented Perfectore Pivot Design Technology shift and supports the body in optimum alignment instantly improving physiology.

Growing Product Line

We continue to develop new and exciting wearable strength solutions for all individuals expanding on the device and accessory line to meet the needs of a evolving and growing demand.

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