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Transformer Collection

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Posture Transformer

Lift all the pressure off your neck and back. Lift and hold your body in proper spinal alignment by supporting you mid-back vertebrae, ergonomically preventing you from slouching. Stretch with it throughout the day to relieve strain and built up tension in your neck, back and shoulders.

Backpack Transformer

Ergonomically upgrade any style or brand of backpack. Effortlessly wear your favorite backpack correctly and lighten your load by 50% or more. Stand up strait, strengthen your posture, improve your gait and increase your stamina everywhere you go.

Body Transformer

Strengthen your back. Instantly correct posture and equilibrium. Ensure proper alignment, support and strength building with wearable support and resistance. Alleviate excess strain and pressure on joints.

Intelligent Design for your Modern Life



Support cushion triggers a spinal righting reflex, stacking your vertebrae properly.


The applied elastic resistance provides a force against which your muscles must work which builds strength, stamina and endurance.


Daily stretching program keeps your joints, and muscles activated improving range of motion, circulation and flexibility.

Posture Transformer

Light desk use. Designed specifically for the work environment.

Posture Transformer Testimonials

Can’t live without it. I have DES and have extreme daily back pain and take 24 hour meds This device has helped to relieve a lot of extreme pain. I fell so I can tolerate working and ever days tasks. I wear it everywhere and recommend it when people ask about it.

ShayMarie Clare

Works like magic! It literally lifts the chest and aligns the spine with just a gentle hugging of the elastic support. I can sit at my desk more comfortably and longer periods getting much more work done with the help of the Ergo Transformer. It even helps my workouts last longer so I am more fit than ever. It’s a miracle for the posture!

Andreas Tosca

I highly recommend it to anyone who needs support for his or her posture. My husband noticed a difference in my posture just after a few hours of use. I felt the Ergo on my back after it was removed and it felt better sitting and standing up with better posture. My next adventure will be using this while at work. I work for a chiropractic clinic! 

Stacey Halber

Backpack Transformer

A revoutionary backpack posture support system. The Backpack Transformer alleviates excess strain by lifting and holding your backpack in the correct position, level with the top of your shoulders. Your load is lighter because your body is balanced. You have more energy because your feel like you are carrying less weight. You perform at an optimum because your spine is aligned and your core power is being used instead of your back muscles.

Body Transformer

A wearable elastic resistance harness designed to lift and hold you in perfect body alignment, unleashing stored power. Transform your body. Build a stronger back and spine. Engage your core and release powerful energy, fueling your movements. Perfect for any activity, double your training results, pass your plateau and achieve your personal best.

Body Transformer Testimonials

I feel like I have complete posture control. It just lifts your whole body up. I feel less pain in my lower back, everything is just raised, I just feel amazing in it. I can move very comfortably and my posture feels a whole lot better and I just feel like a brand new person.


I have much better balance throughout my entire body. I could exercise, I could run, I could dance. Its correcting not just my shoulders and the top of my back but also the bottom of my back and my hips and that’s were I really need it the most now. I feel like I can move better, I feel like I could go further and I could go faster overall I just feel stronger.

Adam Zippin

I feel like my back is much more stabilized. Within ten minutes you don’t even feel like you have it on. You get so used to it. It makes you feel more motivated. I feel ready to exercise and secure enough to push myself harder. It's a whole new way to feel in your body. I look completely different, taller, slender and more fit. Its an amazing instant transformation.

Laura Sanchez